Jessica Mendoza is a multidisciplinary professional. A recognized entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. Born in Venezuela, she began her career in New York at the intersection of marketing and technology. Now in London, she is one of 200 in the world endorsed a year by the UK Government and Tech Nation with the exceptional talent visa in digital technology.


She leads the team at Monadd, a smart platform that allows any UK resident to update their home address across their service providers. After living in seven different cities and four different countries she experienced the joys, lessons, and pains of moving to new locations. Her mission is to facilitate global mobility and prevent waste generation from misdelivered mail.


Previously Jessica ran a marketing consultancy for mission-driven companies focusing on brand awareness, identity, storytelling, marketing technology integrations, conversion funnels, and other performance marketing needs. One of her clients was the New Museum's incubator, NEW INC, for emerging artists in art, design and technology fields, where she led hands-on workshops on digital strategy.


She led the redesign for The Associated Press' website and doubled online revenue growth within the first six months of the relaunch. She connected digital environments to provide the best experience for both the user and the business across online channels, including website, email, mobile and social. Jessica spearheaded cross-company projects on digital transformation, data connectivity and growing the company’s online presence. 


In 2015 she co-founded The Inspiration Alliance a community focused on personal and career advancement for professionals. The Inspiration Alliance hosted a series of workshops, activities and speaking events in New York City. 

In her early years, she worked at media research company, Kantar Media. She was known for optimizing online and offline lead generation channels and increasing email engagement.


Jessica’s passion for learning has led her to join and be active at industry organizations, such as Open identity Exchange, My Data Global, The Advertising Research Foundation, She Runs It, New York Women in Communications and The CMO Council. She was a board member of The ARF Young Pros from 2011 to 2015 where she launched a social media ambassador program and coordinated workshops for young professionals. She has published articles in Advertising Age, The Startup publication, Insight Venture Partners' blog, and is the Editor-in-Chief for Norn's magazine and contributor for Forbes Magazine. She was a judge for the 2017 Webby Awards and speaks at conferences such as DigiStrategy, Ignite, Digital Strategy Summit, and others.


Jessica is the editor and creator of The Modern Strategist, a newsletter focused on the convergence of technology, design, marketing and science. She is a sustainable fashion enthusiast, mental health advocate, and enjoys reading about behavioral economics and design.

Jessica Mendoza - Digital strategist


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