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Madécasse is a small chocolate company that has a big social and economic impact in Madagascar. I started working with them when it was just me and the two founders.

Project description

The team

Jessica Mendoza, Tim McCollum (co-founder), Brett Beach (co-founder)


Project management | Social media | SEO | Copywriting


Developed newsletter and purchases made out of newsletter excedeed our sales goal by 43%

Newsletter subscriptions increased by 121%

Increased web traffic by 85% after setting up Facebook and Twitter promotions driving traffic back to the site

Problem: To develop “bean to bar” brand voice, social media and email marketing plan, and customer relationship processes for Madécasse, chocolate company.


Solution: I joined as a consultant in 2012. I crafted monthly sales reports and visual revenue dashboards detailing product, store, region, and distributor performance. I also created customer relationship processes within Salesforce connecting all the touch points a lead or contact may have with the internal teams.

                                                                                                      To engage with customers I developed the Madécasse newsletter with product updates, recipes and promotions, exceeding web sales goal by 43 %. Integrated and managed Facebook and Twitter accounts, increasing website traffic by 85% and newsletter subscriptions by 121 %. On an ongoing basis taking a look at website interactions and performance I implemented changes to Madécasse’s website to enhance the user experience. Most of the design elements were performed by a freelancer, all the copy, positioning and strategy was done by us.


To best understand the customer segments I promoted the chocolate products in specialty stores. I also developed surveys that we sent to our newsletter subscription list to ask our audience more about themselves and what they enjoyed about the brand. After collecting qualitative and quantitative research  I modeled three customer personas, which we used to best adapt the tone of voice and messaging of the brand.


I continued providing social media strategy advice on campaigns to be deployed across Twitter, FB, and Instagram until 2013.

Jessica worked for our import and wholesale chocolate company, Madécasse. She was in charge of reconciling our accounts, managing web sales, updating the company website and doing industry research projects. Jessica set a new standard for consultants working with Madécasse. She is a very committed individual with a good sense of professionalism and a good team player.

Brett Beach, Co-founder of Madécasse

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