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Inspiration Alliance



Inspiration Alliance served as a community dedicated to inspire career-driven professionals to learn on personal and career advancement through our series of workshops, activities and speaking events. We focused on encouraging your progress for your personal pursuits and career growth. We connect you with great people and to stories that inspire.

Advertising Research Foundation

2010 - 2016


Since I first joined the workforce, I joined multiple industry organizations. I joined the Advertising Research Foundation in 2010 as a young executive, and in 2014 I was invited to become an advisory board member for the ARF young professionals. I helped organized events, communications, website updates and implemented new social media practices.

From the mission statement:

“The mission of the Young Pros is to engage the next generation of industry leaders as valued contributors to the Advertising Research Foundation, and the research community broadly. We do this by providing leadership opportunities for young professionals within the ARF and by creating opportunities for Young Pros to access the wealth of resources available through the ARF and its members. Specifically, the ARF Young Pros group provides a place for young research professionals to network, learn, and lead.”


2009 - 2012


I started as an intern in 2009 and joined the larger team as a consultant in 2012. I crafted monthly sales reports and visual revenue dashboards detailing product, store, region, and distributor performance. And, created customer relationship processes within Salesforce connecting all the touch points a lead or contact may have with the internal teams.

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