Clear and bold

call to action



Images updated frequently to reflect latest happenings

News ticker to divert consumer from business audience

Compelling copy stating AP is the source for news and content

First website redesign in 6 years:

  • 1 year to develop with small budget

  • 1 year after launch reported 636% revenue growth from site

  • Built cross-functional global team 

  • Developed strategy, communications, lead generation workflows, and internal site structure

  • Directed design and aided in copywriting

  • Managed 3 agencies: CMS, design, and SEO

marketing campaign

Timely images
Timely images

Interactive email
Interactive email

Facts up front
Facts up front

Timely images
Timely images


Answering the question:


How can we entice media companies, data centers, think tanks, commercial companies and political groups to trust our elections content?


  • Timely emails before and after debates and major events with the latest images

  • Interactive emails with GIFs and embedded interactive data

  • Personalized communications

  • Showcasing the breadth of our coverage

  • Providing teaser facts to engage them in learning more



No budget big results:


  • Reached 35k people

  • 15 rounds of emails from Dec 2015 to Dec 2016

  • 10+ A/B tests

  • 3 different versions for each communication

  • 2 custom-made landing pages

  • Millions of dollars in revenue generated directly from the campaign



Other campaigns worth noting:​


Inspiration Alliance
Inspiration Alliance

Inspiration Alliance
Inspiration Alliance

Inspiration Alliance
Inspiration Alliance

Inspiration Alliance
Inspiration Alliance


Founded and hosted events-focused organization:


  • Featured in The Advertising Club of New York, Advertising Women of New York and RocketFuel’s events board

  • Negotiated brand exposure from vendors in exchange for event space, catering and professional photography

  • Partnered with RocketFuel, WeWork, Hayden5

  • Speakers from AMC Networks, Hayden5, Yahoo!, Bloomerent, Constant Contact and more.


Hosted Digital Strategy workshop for artists in the design and technology space who were residents of NEW INC, the New Museum's incubator.


social media

  • Led first cross-company social media campaign for Kantar companies (MillwardBrown, DynamicLogic, Kantar Media, Kantar Operations, and others)

  • Increased social media mentions by 20% during ARF conference

  • The strategy involved retweeting and replying to followers during the conference to boost foot traffic to our conference space

Launched social media channels, defined goals, and guidelines for:


  • Associated Press - LinkedIn

  • Kantar Media - Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Madécasse - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • The Advertising Research Foundation - Twitter and Instagram

  • Inspiration Alliance - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin